When is an ADHD diagnosis right?

9:59 am Dec. 16, 2014

Is your child unable to sit still at the dinner table? Daydreaming in class? Having trouble following instructions? Interrupting others and blurting out inappropriate comments? These are all normal behaviors in children. They might also be signs of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, says  Dr. Ashley Gorman of Morris Psychological Group.

But how do you know? And if you have the nagging suspicion that it might be ADHD, when is the right

Top Tips to Avoid Flu

11:33 am Dec. 15, 2014

The flu vaccine may not be very effective this winter.

The dominant flu strain this year — H3N2 — has mutated, and only about half of the cases match the vaccine, according to the Centers for

No-tech, free fun things to do with kids at home

1:51 pm Dec. 12, 2014

Jeff Freeland Nelson, founder and CEO of YOXO toy company and former technical director of the Minnesota Children’s Museum, e-mailed me tips for no-tech ways to keep kids occupied and get their creativity juices flowing

Pink or Blue? Moms want to know

1:16 pm Dec. 11, 2014

Although sneaking a peek at holiday gifts is discouraged, a new survey of 500 new and expecting mothers reveals the vast majority of moms-to-be can’t wait to find out if they should shop for

It’s true. Atlanta has some of the nicest kids

12:09 pm Dec. 9, 2014

Not surprising, kids are working extra hard this holiday season to earn favor from their parents. In fact, if completing chores is any indication of whether your little ones are naughty or nice, it’s clear to see which cities have the best kids, says Chris Bergman, founder and CEO of ChoreMonster, a suite of web and mobile apps that aims to make chores fun for parents and kids.

ChoreMonster analyzed

Mom-approved Apps to help survive the holidays

1:27 pm Dec. 4, 2014

From holiday shopping to hosting parties, moms have their plates full. According to Beth Engelman of Mommy on a Shoestring, however, there are ways to survive the holiday madness without being, well, too frazzled. She suggests using our handy little smartphones or tablets to stay organized, find deals and get the best holiday recipes.

Here’s a list of apps the tech savvy mom and blogger recommends:

If you need to make a