Poison-Proof Your House and Program This Number

12:29 pm Mar. 18, 2015

It is National Poison Prevention Week this week which is a good time to inspect our house and take steps to to poison-proof our homes. Accidental poisoning deaths have been rising since 1992. Here’s a

Free-range parenting

12:03 pm Mar. 18, 2015

Parents have made news recently after being detained for purposefully leaving children on their own, prompting renewed debate about so-called “free-range parenting.”

Moms and dads who practice this parenting style say it promotes independent, even fearless kids. But what is considered free-range by some can look like neglect to others.

If you have strong opinions about this issue and/or practice free-range parenting, please email me at gstaples@ajc.com or call me. I can

Unplug and Play: Here are 500 Ideas How

4:59 pm Mar. 17, 2015

The Giant Book of Creativity for Kids: 500 Activities to Encourage Creativity in Kids Ages 2 to 12 by Bobbi Conner (Roost Books, an imprint of Shambhala Publications) goes on sale next Tuesday, March 24

Tips for Reading Aloud with your Kids Every Day

5:37 pm Mar. 2, 2015

World Read Aloud Day is Wednesday  – and there is reason to celebrate! According to  Scholastic’s “Kids & Family Reading Report,” 83% of kids ages 6 to 17 say they love or loved being read

How You and Your Kids Can Be Butterfly Heroes

9:23 am Feb. 25, 2015

Be a Butterfly Hero. The majestic monarch butterfly is in decline and needs our help. The National Wildlife Federation (NWF), America’s largest wildlife conservation and education organization, is giving away 10,000 Butterfly Heroes Garden kits

Fun Indoor Games and Workouts for Families

2:23 pm Feb. 16, 2015

So it is looking like no snow – and the weather may be too cold or wet to play outside.

It’s time to get creative with paper plates, pillows and other props around the house we