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Parents spending more time doing homework

11:33 am Jan. 15, 2015

According to a survey released early this week by Education. com, 80 percent of parents are spending more time helping their kids with homework than their parents spent with them and 70 percent of teachers  expect them to, well, at least sometimes.

It would seem, therefore, that parents are rising to the occasion and being more actively involved in their child’s education.

But we’re just getting started. The survey also discovered these

The Elf on the Shelf Now Has Reindeer Pet

1:33 pm Nov. 14, 2014

The Elf on the Shelf — based here in Atlanta — and rooted in a family tradition back going back to the 1970s, has sold a whopping 7 million books (and elves) since its 2005

Children’s Healthcare video goes viral

7:37 am Aug. 12, 2014

Jim, a man of average height but weighing 300 pounds, suffers a heart attack and lands in the emergency room.

His life hangs in the balance. He’s only 32.

“How the hell does that happen?, ” asks

New school year, time for new lunch ideas

9:48 pm Aug. 4, 2014

Time to get up early – and make lunch! I know this isn’t the most fun task at hand, and it can be challenging to satisfy everyone – kids want something yummy and parents want

Back to School: What’s new this year?

2:29 pm Aug. 4, 2014

New school years bring new people and new stuff. About a quarter of Atlanta Public School principals are new, including 70 percent of the high school honchos. More than 20 Fulton schools will have new principals, and Cobb County has a dozen new ones.

Cobb will also have more of a feature that probably wasn’t part of your parents’ school day: 11 new school police officers. DeKalb