Snellville child is special FBI agent for day

fbi child1

Six-year-old Ojore Bryant got to be an FBI Agent for a day. Ojore received his badge from J. Britt Johnson, the Special Agent in Charge of the Atlanta Division of the FBI. He then made himself comfortable in the Special Agent’s desk and took a little time to make a few important calls and handle some top secret documents. From there, he got to sit in the hot seat and take a polygraph test. His grandmother, Elizabeth Dennis, had the agent ask, “Who knocked over the plant in the living room?” Being an honest kiddo, Ojore confessed that it was indeed him — and it was an accident.

After taking a few “criminals” into custody and handcuffing them with his new agent gear, Ojore learned the art of dusting for finger prints and got to try on lots of FBI gear. He also learned how to operate the FBIs different robots and see what it’s like inside many of their tactical vehicles.

About Ojore and how the FBI day came about: Ojore was born with short bowel syndrome. He goes to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for regular clinic visits with the hospital’s intestinal rehabilitation team and will eventually require a bowel transplant.

The FBI reached out to Children’s wanting to provide a special agent day to one of their patients. Ojore’s Child Life Specialist immediately recommended him as a little boy who would love an experience like this – and he did. Bu the end of the day, he was having so much fun, he was dancing. To see more photos, go to

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