Give Yourself Permission to be Cranky

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Patti Digh, author of “Life is a Verb,” has a new book out “Your Daily Rock: A Daybook of Touchstones for Busy Lives book by Patti Digh.” It’s full of short meditations to ground us for more mindful and intentional living.

Each meditation has a morning question, and an evening question to ponder.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Give Yourself Permission to be Cranky”

Crank it up! Give

yourself permission to screw up. Really mess it up in a big way!

Give yourself permission to be less than perfect. You’ll sleep

better. You’ll be happier. Give yourself permission to take time

out for yourself. Then give yourself permission to love yourself

even when you’re cranky, even when you screw up, even when

you are less than perfect, and even when you feel self-indulgent.


Morning: What will you give yourself permission to do today?


Evening: How did it feel to love all of yourself today, not just

the nice, cheerful parts?


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