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Get your kid talking after school

1:22 pm Jan. 29, 2015

Does child gives you a complete play-r by-play of their day at school?

Or does any question about his school day get the standard answer: “It was fine.”

If you’ve been hoping for more there are, in fact, things you can do to have a two- not one-sided conversation with your little one, according to Sofia Dickens, education expert and founder of EQtainment.

Dicken’s philosophy is based on emotional intelligence – or in

5 reasons kids should play

10:45 am Jan. 28, 2015

It probably no surprise to anyone that over the last 30 years,  obesity has more than doubled in young children and quadrupled in adolescents, potentially leading to a host of chronic diseases later in

Yummy Low-Fat Super Bowl Recipes

9:37 pm Jan. 26, 2015

Super Bowl parties are all about the food, why not have a team town themed spread? Make a couple of appetizer snacks representing the best food from both Seattle and New England. Add a vegetable

Measles Outbreak Puts Spotlight on Anti-Vaccine Movement

9:36 am Jan. 26, 2015

The measles outbreak believed to have originated in Disneyland has spread from California to Utah, Washington, Colorado and Mexico, according to news reports.

Authorities say an unknown person incubating a measles infection likely exposed several people in Disneyland, who then exposed others after leaving the park.

Health authorities believe the outbreak was triggered by a measles-stricken visitor to one of the Disney parks who brought the virus from abroad last month, according to the

For all the kids who care about others

10:44 am Jan. 22, 2015

Kohl’s Department Stores will began accepting nominations for outstanding young volunteers beginning next week for its 2015 Kohl’s Cares®  Scholarship Program.

Nominations for kids ages six to 18 will be accepted January 30 –

5 year old gets bill for skipping party, sparks debate

8:16 am Jan. 21, 2015

A five year old boy receives a bill for failing to attend a friend’s birthday party he previously said he would attend.  It’s a story that has gone viral and angered many parents:    http://www.people.com/article/british-boy-sent-invoice-missing-birthday-party

Jacqueline Whitmore,

Just for you moms

10:37 am Jan. 20, 2015

The long cold days of winter are here, and for many moms it’s a season of isolation.

Indeed, weeks of unrelenting snow, slippery roadways, and seemingly endless days spent indoors can begin to feel like a

What to eat to avoid flu — and if you get it

4:05 pm Jan. 16, 2015

With flu season in full swing, everyone is looking for ways to prevent the nasty bug.

And while frequent hand-washing, getting plenty of sleep and getting a flu shot (even now) are important pieces in warding