Give yourself more time, less stress time during the holidays

Homes-Holiday Lights_Holl(5)With the holiday season approaching – the season where 30 percent of working moms feel the most stressed, doing things like shopping more online, and turning trips to the malls into date nights really can help you enjoy the holidays and feel less hurried.

Here are Top 3 Tips to Combat Mommy Burnout During the Holidays provided by Katie Bugbee, Global Parenting Expert & Senior Managing Editor.


 1. Limit your purchases to online. The mall will just make you crazy. Think it’s easier said than done? It’s not. I do it every year. Make an excel sheet and list what you can buy, keeping in mind the free shipping emails you get on a daily basis. Zappos,, Amazon and Piperlime all have free shipping year-round. Want personal items? Get on Etsy and buy a few things from one vendor, limiting the shipping fees. For the rest of the people – buy gift cards from a drug store.

2. Let the kids decorate. The minute you say “the kids did it” your guests will see your décor as adorable – instead of a disaster.  You can’t waste your time trying to make the house look perfect. Embrace the fact that you have kids, and let their holiday joy explode all over your living room. Plus, this reminds you what the season is truly about.

 3. Make it a date. Okay, so you do have to run to the mall – for paper or bows or something for your mother-in-law that only one particular store has. Try to make this less painful by getting someone to watch the kids (check out to find the average going rate for babysitters), grabbing the

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Ask for Help From Family & Friends.

Of the working moms surveyed, only one in four have asked for help from family members. In addition, 66 percent feel like their partner does less housework than they do. It’s important to split the load and ask for (and accept!) help from family members and friends when it’s possible.

Resist Comparing Yourself.

Nearly two-thirds of working moms (62 percent) think everyone else has an easier time getting everything done, and 28 percent feel like their friends have it much more together than they do. Instead of comparing yourself to others, focus on how you’ve progressed as a parent and what you’ve accomplished each day, even if it may seem like a minor task being crossed off your to-do list.

Consider Hiring Help.

Extra hands make a huge difference. The number one reason working moms decide to hire help is because they want to spend more time with their family, and three out of four who’ve done so say it’s actually reduced their overall stress level too.

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