It’s true. Atlanta has some of the nicest kids

Not surprising, kids are working extra hard this holiday season to earn favor from their parents. In fact, if completing chores is any indication of whether your little ones are naughty or nice, it’s clear to see which cities have the best kids, says Chris Bergman, founder and CEO of ChoreMonster, a suite of web and mobile apps that aims to make chores fun for parents and kids.

ChoreMonster analyzed more than seven million of its completed tasks to identify which cities in America have the hardest-working kids  ­ and where the idle hands are.

I’m happy to report that Atlanta kids landed in the top five, after Los Angeles, CA, Salt Lake City, UT, Seattle-Tacoma, WA and San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA.

The data also shows that although a majority of children still help out at home (77 percent complete more than one chore weekly), only 2.5 percent complete a chore every single day. Monday is the most productive day, but Friday? Don’t even think about asking kids to be taskmasters on Friday, as it’s the worst day for productivity. No surprise there. Right?

“As a parent myself, I like to encourage my kids to pitch in on a regular basis,” Bergman said. “I also like to reward them for their work, and our data shows that toys or allowances aren’t the most-requested incentives. What we’ve seen across our network of parents and children is that what children want most is more time with their devices.”

You can learn more about the state of chores here:

But let me be the first to congratulate you, Atlanta. Give yourselves a pat on the back. You deserve it!



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