Short Meditation: Be Gentle with Yourself

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Patti Digh, author of “Life is a Verb,” has a new book out “Your Daily Rock: A Daybook of Touchstones for Busy Lives book by Patti Digh.” It’s full of short meditations to ground us for more mindful and intentional living.

Each meditation has a morning question, and an evening question to ponder.


“Be Gentle With Yourself”


What does gentle look like? It looks like pausing as you look in

the mirror to honor what you see, fully aware of the living that

has gone on behind those eyeballs, in those hips, and on that

skin. It looks like pausing before saying “yes” to another commitment

that will exhaust you, and then saying “yes” to yourself

instead. It looks like pausing as you cook dinner to feel the satisfying

weight of the spoon in your hand. It looks like pausing to

read a good book in a big chair. It looks like opening space for

yourself to grieve, to love, to long for, to remember, to laugh. It

looks like responding to yourself with the kind of patience and

unconditional love you extend to friends. It looks like all that,

and more.


Morning: How can you be gentle with yourself today?


Evening: And tomorrow?


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