Southlake Monkey Joe’s offers free admission to children with special needs


Monkey Joes LogoMonkey Joe’s in Southlake is partnering with the Brumfield Insurance Agency to host a special event for exceptional kids on Saturday, November 29th with FREE admission. Monkey Joe’s will be open to children with special needs and their siblings from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Admission for children with special needs and their siblings will be free.

The event will include games, tokens for the kids and vendor tables for the parents.

Vendors will include the following: Clayton County Police — They will provide valuable information on the services offered by the police department in case of child is missing with special needs) Ava’s Law Community/ Autism Speaks — They will provide information on how to get involve the local organization and help with legislation for children with autism). And Respite Care — They will provide information of services they offer to parents of specials needs. Providing information to parents that need a break with pricing, location, facilities and etc.


Address of the event: Monkey Joe’s Southlake

1395 Southlake Parkway

Morrow, GA 30260


About Monkey Joe’s:  Monkey Joe’s is a children’s entertainment center filled with indoor jumps, slides and obstacle courses.  A destination that caters to both children and parents, Monkey Joe’s provides wall-to-wall inflatables, including a main play center and separate Mini Monkey Zone for toddlers.  The company is known for its birthday and group parties, but also accepts walk-ins for those looking to experience fun for one day.



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