Short Meditation for Busy, Messy Lives

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Patti Digh, author of “Life is a Verb,” has a new book out “Your Daily Rock: A Daybook of Touchstones for Busy Lives book by Patti Digh.” It’s full of short short meditations to ground us for more mindful and intentional living.

Each meditation has a morning question, and an evening question to ponder. Here’s one that spoke to me. If you like it, I can post more.

“Own Messiness”

When socks are missing from my dryer, I blame it on plate tectonics

or entropy (lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder)

There is a constant in our lives, and that is

the move toward chaos. That dining room table you cleared this

morning? It’s covered with school folders now, and forks from

breakfast. All those beautiful, spotless rooms on Pinterest?

Nobody lives in them.

I used to avoid answering the door when people stopped

by— the house needed picking up or vacuuming. Not so anymore.

Love me, love my dust. The same is true of our lives, not

just our homes. We can’t wait for everything to be perfect—it is

always headed for chaos. Jump.


Morning: What entropy can you live with? What entropy can’t

you live with?


Evening: How would it feel not to apologize for or explain the

chaos in your life?


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