Autumn is here. Better check your pool.

With the end of pool season upon us, many pools will be covered or left unused during fall and winter months.  But for families with little children, pool safety should be an important topic even during these cooler months. Pool accidents happen even on closed, unused, and covered pools.

Indeed, 77 percent of the children who drowned in pools had been seen five minutes or less before being missed and subsequently discovered in the pool. Forty-six percent were last seen in the house prior to being found in the pool. Of these, 15 percent were thought to be sleeping.

And so we thought it a good idea to offer some simple steps that any parent or guardian can take to keep kids safe?

  • Train you kid for pool survival as soon as he is able to crawl or walk to your pool.
  • Take the time to learn CPR and accident procedures.
  • Install a protective fence that will eliminate access to the pool for young children and pets.
  • Install alarm devices with remote alarms that sound in the home alerting you to a child falling into the pool.

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