Head lice. They’re back!

School has returned and with it the concern for the dreaded head lice. And while parents may be rushing out to buy Nix or Rid, the most widely sold lice-control products, Consumer Reports has other advice:

“There’s no reason for parents to douse their children’s heads in chemicals,” says Urvashi Rangan, Ph.D., director of consumer safety and sustainability for Consumer Reports. “Physically removing lice, while it seems daunting, is safest for your child’s head.”
The kicker? Over-the-counter products are losing their fight against lice because studies suggest that most of the bugs in the U.S. have evolved to become genetically resistant to the insecticides found in those products.
For the full report on head lice and steps to take when the scourge of the playground bites, click on the link below.

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