Instead of an idiot, new Cheerios ad shows Dad as AWESOME!

A friend posted this ad on Facebook, and I really do love it. For a very long time there has been a trend on TV shows for dads to be dumb and helpless and for the moms to be running the show — think “Simpsons.” But I love that this ad shows all the great things about Dads and shows him engaged and on top of things.

We had a post a while back that talked about how with more fathers staying at home, products were marketing directly to dads. You see that a lot with diaper ads. So I think this is an extension of that. You can’t market to a dad and call him an idiot at the same time.

This ad shows how I think any parent can feel when they’re organized and at the top of their game.

What do you think of the ad as a mom? What about the dads? Are you happy to be shown in a positive light? Do you think it’s because dads are doing more buying and staying home? (I am wondering as the economy is improving if more dads will go back to work and that stat will lessen. I suspect they will still be doing more household shopping even if they are back in the workplace.)

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