Would you be mad at your husband if your child died in his care?

I was very surprised to read in an AJC story last week that Leanna Harris, the mom of the toddler who died in the SUV, said she was not mad at her husband. I find that very odd.

I think you can support your husband. I think you can believe he did not do it intentionally. However, accidental or not, I think I would still be very upset and angry with my husband if my child died in his care. As I would expect him to be angry at me if something happened to our children in my care.

Here is the indirect quote and quote from the mother:

From the AJC:

By Christian Boone

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — In her first public comments since her son died 10 days ago in the backseat of the family’s SUV, Leanna Harris said she is not angry at her husband, who listened by phone from Cobb County Jail.

“Ross was and is a wonderful father,” Harris said to the applause of about 250 mourners at the funeral of the couple’s 22-month-old son Cooper.

Ross Harris, charged with felony murder and second-degree cruelty to children, thanked those who have supported him since his arrest June 18.


The other thing that I am wondering about is that according to the warrants both parents searched for information about temperatures that would kill in a hot car. Could it be that they were just searching for new stories about other kids that died? If you Google searched “kids, die, cars” does that mean you were searching for stories about kids that died or searching for methodology?

From the AJC:

“The boy’s father told police he had searched online for information regarding temperatures needed for children to die inside vehicles because he was “fearful” it could happen, according to search warrant affidavits released Saturday.

Additional affidavits released Sunday state that Leanna Harris made similar statements. Police seized several electronics from the SUV and the couple’s Marietta-area condo, including an iPhone, iPad, a desktop computer, two laptops and a Google Chromecast digital media player, the warrants state.”

I am trying to think about things that I could have searched that could be misconstrued. I search crazy things for stories sometimes.

So these are things that are sticking in my craw.  I wondered if either of those things struck you guys as odd? Would you be mad if something happened to your child in the other parent’s care? What are things that you’ve searched that could look weird if someone took the time to look at your computer or phone?

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