Struggling to keep kids’ head in the game this summer?

With the popularity of the World Cup in full swing, its a good bet specialized soccer camps are skyrocketing this summer. And naturally parents want their kids to get the edge, and sports camps are being marketed to younger and younger kids who are feeling the pressure to perform and be the best.  And this can wreak havoc on a child’s state of mind.

Coach Mike Basevic, creator of No Limits Nation and author of No Limits: Mastering the Mental Edge has a long history of working with student athletes and helping them achieve success.  He says success is a state of mind. He offers these tips on how to keep kids’ mental edge in play during the summer months and give them the edge in whatever game they’re playing

  • Accentuate the Positive – Make it clear that no matter what, the experience is what counts.  Do not let them think they will be punished or seen as a disappointment if they are not the best athlete at the camp.
  • Encourage active participation – Make sure the program you select empowers its participants to get involved in every activity and act as team players. This will make it easier for kids to master the physical edge of the game while also making friends.
  • Remind your kid to have fun and play hard – A good summer program emphasizes the fundamentals and the competitive nature of the game, but it will also keep your kid’s spirits up and energy level high by reminding them of what matters most.
  • Welcome and Reward – At the end of the day, kids want to know they have a safe place to come home to, no matter how they rank as an athlete.  Always allow them the freedom to express their feelings and disappointment and reward them for following thorough and completing the summer program.  Commitment and completion are successes in their own right.
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