How late do you let kids sleep in during summer?

A girlfriend posted on Facebook last week that she knew summer was in full swing because her teenager was sleeping until noon. Mine don’t sleep until noon, but I have two kids still asleep at 9 a.m. and and 11-year-old that can’t fall asleep at midnight.

I am really torn on the sleeping in. I think two of my three are naturally night owls and it’s nice for them to be in their own Circadian rhythm and not forced to wake up at 6:30 in the morning. However, then they are running around at midnight when I am just done.

Take for example yesterday. They woke up between 8 and 9 a.m. They played while I took care of moving stuff yesterday and then around 4:30 we went to a water park/pool. We got home around 7:30, had dinner and then watched a movie until 11 something. The little one fell asleep on the couch with me. But after the movie my two big kids were still wandering around. And now two of the three are still sleeping.

So what is your rule about bed times and wake up times in the summer? How late do you let them sleep in? Are you OK with sleeping in because you’re doing fun stuff as a family at night? Do teens need to “catch up” on sleep they didn’t get during the school year? Does it work that way?


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