Do moms swim at pool parties?

Do moms swim at pool parties?

We hosted a pool party last Friday night for eight of Lilina’s little buddies. The high that day was 112, and I was so shocked that not a single mother showed up with a bathing suit. I just assumed everyone would swim. The moms sat sweltering in the shade drinking lemonade watching the kids. I already had my suit on with a cover up when everyone arrived, and I swam with the kids and helped the weaker swimmers.

The week before that we went to another house for a pool party and I now realize that I must have been the only mom with a suit on under my clothes. The dad who owned the house had on a suit but I don’t think the moms did. I played lifeguard that night for the deep end watching the diving board so they didn’t jump on top of each other.

And then we had a playdate yesterday and the mom brought her suit but never put it on. It was 109. I’m swimming if it’s a 109.

So I can’t decide what’s going on. In Georgia when we went to friends’ houses or to a neighborhood pool all the moms wore swimsuits and everyone swam. Is this a mom a certain age thing? (Although many of the moms are younger than I am and thinner than I am.) Is this an Arizona thing? I don’t get it.

When you go to a pool party, do you A. Wear a suit? B. Swim in the suit? C. Would you swim if it was over 105 degrees? 


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