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Would you be mad at your husband if your child died in his care?

11:51 pm Jun. 29, 2014

I was very surprised to read in an AJC story last week that Leanna Harris, the mom of the toddler who died in the SUV, said she was not mad at her husband. I find that very odd.

I think you can support your husband. I think you can believe he did not do it intentionally. However, accidental or not, I think I would still be very upset and angry with

Are kids getting too much screen time?

2:04 pm Jun. 27, 2014

Technologies such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops are  increasingly playing bigger roles in our lives. Our children’s lives, too. It’s estimated, in fact, that children 8 to 18 spend more than 7 hours a day with some type of media, not including texting. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggest children 2 and under have no screen time but what do you say?

What about older children? How much screen time is

Does swimming count as showering in the summer?

11:44 pm Jun. 25, 2014

I was very amused to see a mom friend in Georgia pose the question on Facebook “Swim lessons=close enough to a bath for kids, right?” because this is exactly what my kids think.

We are swimming

Struggling to keep kids’ head in the game this summer?

1:21 pm Jun. 25, 2014

With the popularity of the World Cup in full swing, its a good bet specialized soccer camps are skyrocketing this summer. And naturally parents want their kids to get the edge, and sports camps are being marketed to younger and younger kids who are feeling the pressure to perform and be the best.  And this can wreak havoc on a child’s state of mind.

Coach Mike Basevic, creator of No Limits

Which is worse: Flying 7,700 miles or driving cross-country with three kids?

12:26 am Jun. 24, 2014

Last summer my girlfriend and her family moved to Taipei for her husband’s job. Every summer they get to fly to the United States for a visit. So last week they flew from Taipei to New York. Next week we will be driving across the country from Arizona to New Jersey.

So it got me thinking: Which would be worse flying 7,777 miles with three kids or driving for four days

Should colleges be teaching how to be happy?

1:12 am Jun. 23, 2014

There is a movement across college campuses to help students learn to live life with meaning and purpose and be happy. Here’s more from USA Today.

From USA Today:

“The well-being bandwagon is gaining traction across college campuses as administrators seek to demonstrate the value of college — and broaden the definition of success beyond employment rates and earnings. Well-being is so integral to George Mason University that it is included

Child forgotten in carseat dies: Could it happen to any parent?

12:54 pm Jun. 19, 2014

I am heartbroken for the family of the 22-month-old who has died after allegedly being accidentally left in the car by his father for seven hours. The father has been charged with murder and cruelty to children in the first degree, according to Cobb County police.

Based on reports from the scene in the parking lot, the father was just devastated and tried to resuscitate the child when he realized what

How late do you let kids sleep in during summer?

12:05 pm Jun. 18, 2014

A girlfriend posted on Facebook last week that she knew summer was in full swing because her teenager was sleeping until noon. Mine don’t sleep until noon, but I have two kids still asleep at 9 a.m. and and 11-year-old that can’t fall asleep at midnight.

I am really torn on the sleeping in. I think two of my three are naturally night owls and it’s nice for them to be