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Is insurance on iPads/iPods/iPhones for suckers?

You’re not going to talk me into insurance on my rental car (my car insurance covers me in rental cars) or on the printer or the TV but when it comes to electronics that our kids play with (a la the iPad) then we usually take it.

Insurance has already replaced our iPad once in the last four years and we took another two years of coverage out after that. However, we let the coverage lapse in February and wouldn’t you know it, the kids broke it two weeks ago. A new iPad is around $399 and the insurance was between $120 and $150 I believe. So the question is would that have been money well spent on a three-year-old iPad?

Rose also broke her iPod about the same time.

I told Michael I’m not inclined to replace either one of them. They need to take better care of their things. However, now they’re always begging for my phone, which I definitely don’t want them to damage or break.

So do you take insurance on your iPads, iPods, iPhones? How long do you keep it up? (Is a four-year-old iPad worth paying for insurance?) Do you take it on other products as well? What is your policy on breaking electronics — do they get replaced, do they have to wait a while or do they have to contribute to buy the new one? 


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