Is it OK for end-of-year school events (graduations) to be held at churches?

I was flipping through photos on Facebook last night looking at some Gwinnett County friends’ fifth grade promotion ceremony. I kept trying to figure out where that nice stage was in the elementary school and then I realized it was at a Protestant church down the street. It wasn’t in the school at all.

When I was in high school they used to do convocation ceremonies at local churches but that seemed to go out of style. But lately I have been seeing more and more school ceremonies being held again in churches. It doesn’t offend me but I bet it offends some people. And I’m really not sure how that doesn’t violate a church/state line.

Last Christmas the local Mormon church here hosted a choir concert for all the middle schools and high schools in the area. The parents came at different times to watch their particular choir perform. There was a live Nativity out front of the church and in the back a bon fire with roasted marshmallows and cider and lots of Mormon hosts ready to greet you. I thought it was a really smart way to get people to visit the Mormon church but wasn’t sure why the schools agreed to it.  It didn’t bother me but I’m sure it bothered some people. (Lilina loved the live Nativity.)

So what do you think: Is it OK for schools to hold event at church facilities because they may not have the proper facility on campus? The fifth grade promotion ceremony looked lovely and the choir shows out here were lovely too. But should public school functions be held in religious facilities? 

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